michele bruni

werkplaats vincent de rijk - http://vincentderijk.nl/

  • jaguar '06

    collaboration with the design studio imagination (london), for the new interior (expo) design of jaguar. developing of a new composit material for the division panels of the stand.

    • the british international motor show, london

    • light test & final product

  • oma (rem kolhaas) '06

    developing of concepts and realisation of architecture models for international competitions and commissions.

    • competition for buisness tower in la defence, paris, scale 1:200

    • facade dubai, cordoba for moma nyc

  • claudia sträter '05

    design of details and solution for construction of furniture for the store and shop-in-shop of claudia sträter. I also follow the installation on site. (stuttgart, amsterdam, bonn, den bosch)

    • detail cast in polyester

    • shop in shop, amsterdam

  • bookshelf '07

    experimental furniture in polyester for 'rotterdam ontwerpt - 400 years of design in the city' at the historisch museum rotterdam

    • installing at historical museum of rotterdam

    • detail of one pattern

    • model 1:6