michele bruni

niki szilagyi interior architecture - http://www.niki-szilagyi.de

  • spa munich '09

    design, concept, material collage, moods and layout of a spa hotel in munich.

    • floorplan

    • detail finnische sauna

  • private villa munich '09

    design of a private villa in munich. customized furniture, light proposal, materials, for the different areas of the house.

    • kitchen

    • livingroom

    • material collage

    • fireplace

  • jochberg hotel room '08

    detailing and realisation of the master room.

    • muster room

    • room floor plan & elevation

  • vienna buisness hotel '08

    concept, moods, layout and room proposal for a buisness hotel.

    • inspirations & room type 3

    • render & concept sketches of the bar

  • jochberg 5star hotel '08

    first price of an invited competition for an 5star hotel in austria design, concept, material collage, moods and layout.

    • floorplan lobby and moods

    • loby & reception elevation + materials collage